Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deus Ex

Someone buy me this: Deus W650 Swingbobber in satin black
A classic cafe racer that is an instant modern classic. Deus Ex Machina is a motorcycle builder/tuner that storms out of Sydney, Australia. You can find the specs and more info on it online but it's basically a Kawasaki W650 that was lowered, fitted with a retro tank, simplified and chopped. The machine is really beautiful and there's a lot to be said for having a really simple bike that can tear your crotch off.

No, it's not a pocket rocket. No, it won't take you to ludicrous speeds. No, it's not safe. No, it doesn't have electronic gadgets, limiters, stabilizers, or censors. Buying one would probably be a horrible, irrational, and down-right stupid action. Everything in my brain tells me that in the long-term I will not be pleased. But for some reason everything in my (over sized) gut yearns for the idiotic action that will let me be free on the road and as close to the elements as you can get going 80mph. Yeah, it's probably the next best example of phallic expressionism after an Aston Martin V12, but so what.

If you're not convinced, James May of Top Gear UK fame just bought one. Hammond is happy. Clarkson can suck it.

The Moulin Rouge from Deus Customs on Vimeo.

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