Sunday, December 12, 2010


Everybody knows Levis and probably their history. 501? Most iconic jean ever I'd say. Starting in the late 19th century this jean has gone through many cuts (most famous of which are: 1901, 1920, 1947, and 1960).

This holiday season I decided to get my dad a blast from the past. Back in his youth he was a bit of a rocker, and did the whole sittin in the tub shrink to fit thang. Of all the choices available I got him the standard cut from Levis. I sized according to the directions: +2 waist, +4 inseam, however it was not to his liking. After 2 extremely hot soaks the cut ended up being a bit too wide. Go figure a middle-aged man left wanting for a skinnier jean. I will soon go to pick up a true to size pair for him. If he likes those, I'll get him an upgraded pair from LVC with Cone denim and maybe a '47 cut.

Denim porn shot of post-wash stiffness (shitty phone pic):

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